Hello, all!

My name is Treva Hershey I grew up in a business oriented family. My first entrepreneurial venture was a small farm to table produce business at the age of 10. Out of High School I spent 9 years working for an accountant and after a decade in the industry opened my own successful accounting business.

Fast forward to now, my husband and I own partnerships in multiple successful established businesses.

This is why I am passionate about two things: Designing successful businesses and helping future business owners discover how they were uniquely designed for success in the business arena!

This is also why I am excited to invite you to “Discover Business Design”! 

DBD is the premier online program purposefully developed to introduce high-school aged students to successful business foundations.

Yes! After 20+ years of building business expertise it is time for me to invest in the next generation of business owners!

This is not a step by step or cookie cutter plan but rather an action by action process. 

When your student completes this course they will have acquired real world knowledge in the basics like reading financial forms AND posses hands on experience in the day to day operations of owning their own business!

Sign your student up for the 12 Week Discover Business Design Course and then sit back and watch them grow in the knowledge and experience that they need to engage success in the business world!

"Time and time again I have found Treva to be knowledgeable and highly efficient when it comes to upgrading businesses with her wisdom and financial expertise. I highly recommend her to introduce your students to excellent business practices and a hands-on encounter with a business of their own!"
- Dubb Alexander
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